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Having started to trade in 1993 with the purchase and sale of cleaning and packaging materials, the company took its place in Food Kulwar with the change of name and activity area in April 2012.
Merveks with its skilled and specialized employees serves in the field of activity, since 1996, under a name of different companies, and since 2012, as an independent company. Merveks, by directing all its knowledge and experience in foreign trade area makes an effort to grant to you dear clients the true concept of sale and aftersales service.Merveks with its production and services in delivery quickly moves ahead on a way to become the most ambitious company in the field of foreign trade. This statement is proved by performance of orders at the most suitable prices and with the best quality, by in advance assumed measures foreseeing possible problems, and by quality of an aftersales service.
Founded as a family business in 2003, Probin Construction Co. LLC. Construction and contracting accomplished a success. They decided to establish a jam production and packaging plant in Bingol Organize Industry Zone. After starting the construction of the factory building and obtaining the necessary legal permissions for purchasing the machine after the construction of the factory building in late 2009, the production started to be sold in all markets and grocery stores with the Lizaz registered brand at the end of 2011.Our company Lizaz the taste of the biscuits and the neighboring illusions were given to the dealers in a short time and they started exporting again. Hygienic conditions are produced in facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality certificates. Do not repeat to enjoy the breakfasts Our company is helping local and regional fruit growers to make continuous research so that repeat repetition is indispensable. Our company, which aims to be a pioneer in new entrepreneurs, continues to grow steadily with continuous research and development to be the best in the sector.
Mirel® Dairy Product produces dry milk products in Eregli/Konya. There is 60 year experience and 3 generations of Demireller Inc. and family behind the company. Company produces Full Cream Milk Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder; 50% and 70% Demineralized Whey Powder and Milk Cream. With 3 spray driers, It is one of the biggest milk and whey powder production capacity plant in Turkey.